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Our Courses

Our courses are mainly categorized into two sections academic & hobby related. We have handpicked them to help build your child's overall skills. 

Academic Courses

Handwriting Improvement & Speed Writing Course

- We teach the graphological technique of letter formation and letter sizing.

- Focused on the mind and hand coordination. 

-It also includes hand yoga which improves the speed of writing.

Debate Session

- Teach your child the power of public speaking and critical thinking. 

- Our debate sessions are personalised and help in building confidence. 

- These sessions also facilitate the ability to excel at group discussions.

English Classes for Primary School 

- We teach basic english language for primary school students starting from age 5.

- Our teachers are highly skilled and have a great command over the language.

- From phonetics to spoken language we have it all.

Hobby Courses


- Your child will learn the following:- 

- Basic Loops & & Sentence Formations.

- Lower & Upper Word Formations.

- Colourful backgrounds, shadow work & blending techniques


-Does your child want to become the next Picasso?

- Our sketching classes will help them take the first step towards reaching their artistic dream.

- Sketching can help instil a sense of achievement and improve one's self-esteem.


-"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul". - Kandinsky.

- Our drawing classes are perfect for anyone from age 5 to age 50+.

- Let your imagination go wild!

Culinary Arts

- Do you have the next Masterchef in town at home?

- Our culinary arts classes range from baking to cooking different cuisines.

- Get your aprons ready!

Arts & Craft

- Ignite your child's imagination with our arts and crafts classes.

- Our classes work on improving one's creativity and thus improving your child's overall confidence.

- Crafting can help reduce anxiety, improve mood and increase happiness.


- "Every canvas is a journey of its own". - Helen Frankenthaler.


- Does your child love painting their reality with different colours?

- Our painting classes will help them bring their imagination into reality.

Bollywood Dance

- Do you love grooving to Bollywood music?

- Our Bollywood dance classes are for you then. 

- We have a trained dancer to help you learn and discover this high energy and super fun dance form.


What Parents & Students Have to Say

Deepa Parakh, Parent.

Superb sessions by the very talented bunch of teachers, my daughter thoroughly enjoys these sessions and always looks forward.

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